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Dr. Ivanicka Markovska, physiotherapist
Manager, specialist in physical and rehabilitation medicine

Manager and owner of MC SALUS EOOD
Specialist in physical and rehabilitation medicine
Combines long-term practice of physiotherapy and rehabilitation with SPA procedures for prevention, treatment and healthy lifestyle.

In 1979 he graduated in Medicine at Sofia University.
In 1991 he gained a degree in physiotherapy, rehabilitation and resort medicine
He works in his specialty in the 7th polyclinic – Sofia.
1993-2000. – Director of the 7th polyclinic – Sofia.
2005-2008 – Director of the National Specialized Hospital of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation – Ovcha Kupel, Sofia. Manages to save from closing and destroying the hospital, which is the successor of the National Institute of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.
Since 2009 – manages and works at SALUS Medical and SPA center.

Postgraduate qualifications by:

1989 – reflexology and laser therapy;
1990 – extensive therapy, electro-diagnosis and electrostatic stimulation;
1992 – acupuncture;
1997 – homeopathic therapy
1998 – Health Policy, Economics, Management and Informatics in Healthcare – MH;
1998 – problems of the health reform and the private medical practice;
2000 – health management – at the University of National and World Economy – Sofia;

He participates in the specialized parts in the writing of the book “History of Bulgarian Medicine”

He has numerous publications in Bulgarian and foreign journals in the field of Physical Medicine, Resort and Rehabilitation.